This was the first game created by the full Ostrich Banditos team, comprised of 2 programmers, 2 game designers and an artist. The game was funded by Adult Swim Games and released on their Flash portal.

My role in this project was to be the bridge between design and implementation, through the creation of systems and tools which the other members of the team could use to easily implement content, without needing a programmer to actually assist them.

Westerado is an action adventure roleplaying game set in the wild west, where you go around a small town and its surroundings to find clues about the man who killed your family and burned down your ranch. The way this is accomplished is by talking to the townsfolk and gaining their trust by doing small jobs for them. The most unique thing about Westerado was that you could draw your gun at any point during a conversation, which always triggered an alternate response, creating the so-called Gunversation system.

This meant that we had to make a lot of branching conversations and scripted events, both of which were things I had no experience with. This led me to create my own node-based Gunversation editor called Gunversationist and a semi-visual assisted scripting language implemented in the Ogmo level editor, which would later turn into BloXcrypt.

The last piece of the puzzle was a designer-controlled shared variable system that allowed the designers to create any named variable they wanted and have the values be available throughout the other systems. This meant that anything that happened in a scripted event could be referenced through a Gunversation and vice versa.