This was my first experience with creating a game that has physical elements. The game was made in about a week, including the design, because it was a school project where half the team didn’t really want to work on anything. It was also where my love for social gaming began.

The idea is that a group of people need to work together to navigate a character past obstacles by drawing a line for it to ride on. The twist is that the screen is divided into multiple sections, one for each player, and the players can’t see the other sections. The players then need to communicate about where they need to start and where they should go, by describing the obstacle placement and the path they want to take to get around those obstacles.

The game is a team building exercise that forces the players to figure out the best and fastest way to communicate.

The technology used was a Wii Remote mounted on a stand facing a sheet with a projection of the game. The players are on the other side of the sheet with a homemade infrared pen, used to draw the lines.